Evolved Building Maintenance: Your Preferred Office Cleaning Services Provider

Your Preferred Office Cleaning Services Provider

Evolved Building Maintenance is a trusted office cleaning service provider in Irvine, CA. We provide exceptional and affordable office cleaning services throughout Orange County. Our office cleaning services include day porter services, janitorial services, carpet cleaning, building maintenance, window cleaning, and high-pressure washing.

We have the experience and expertise in providing top quality office cleaning services to take care of all your office cleaning needs. Our well-trained staff will closely work with you to understand your requirements and design the best office cleaning program to ensure a clean and healthy work environment.

EBM Advantage: Office Cleaning Benefits

At Evolved Building Maintenance, we truly believe that a clean and healthy workplace is essential for the success of your business as it helps in increasing productivity and attracting new clients. We strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction so we can exceed all our clients’ expectations and build a long-term relationship with them. We provide the following benefits to our clients:

  • Green cleaning products for a safe and healthy environment

  • Customized cleaning packages according to specific cleaning needs

  • A smooth transition process to understand all the cleaning needs

  • High quality and affordable cleaning services using the latest cleaning technology

  • Follow up on a scheduled basis to ensure customer satisfaction

Commercial Office Cleaning

A clean workplace not only boosts your employees’ productivity but also helps in creating a great impression on your visitors and clients. A regular cleaning routine is essential to keep the office environment clean and healthy. Our basic office cleaning checklist includes:

  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Emptying trash bins and containers
  • Dusting cabinets, shelves, desks and all hard surfaces
  • Sanitizing door handles

At Evolved Building Maintenance, we understand that different areas in your office have different cleaning needs so they require a different checklist. We have prepared specific cleaning checklists for different areas of your office.

Common Area Cleaning Checklist

Meeting rooms, waiting rooms or common areas are important as they create the first impression of your business. Apart from the regular floor cleaning and trash removal, our common area cleaning checklist should include:

  • Cleaning doors, windows, and furniture
  • Wiping any exposed surface with disinfectant
  • Spot cleaning walls or any painted surface
  • Wiping all glass surfaces inside and out

Break Room Cleaning Checklist

A break room is one of the most important areas in your office where your employees eat and relax. Keeping it clean is necessary to ensure a healthy and fresh environment for your employees. Our break room cleaning checklist includes the following:

  • Keeping the refrigerators, microwaves, and coffeemakers clean

  • Sanitizing the handles of these applications

  • Wiping tables, countertops, and chairs

  • Cleaning the sink, faucet and handles

Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Cleanliness of restrooms is essential to prevent spread of germs ensuring good health of your employees and also to create a good impression on your clients. Our comprehensive restroom cleaning checklist includes:

  • Emptying trash and changing the bag
  • Cleaning and sanitizing toilet seats, urinals and their handles
  • Sanitizing door handles and paper holders
  • Refilling or replacing toilet paper, soap dispensers, paper towels, air freshener cartridges as required

Hire a Reliable Office Cleaning Service Provider

Hiring a trusted and experienced office cleaning service provider will free you from the mundane cleaning tasks so you can concentrate on your business success. At Evolved Building Maintenance, we provide a wide range of office cleaning services that can be customized according to your cleaning needs. Call us at (949) 556-8896 to get a free quote and improve the look and environment of your office!

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