Effective Tips & Tricks for Proper School Cleaning

Effective Tips & Tricks for Proper School Cleaning

The safety and well-being of children is a top priority for every school where cleaning is really necessary to maintain a clean and healthy environment of that place. You must keep in mind that usage of gentle cleaning products is very important, some cleaning products contain chemicals that have adverse health effects that lead to a headache, nose irritation, fatigue, upper respiratory irritation, nausea, etc. usage of these products should be ignored.

Staff and students moving throughout the premises make it a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Therefore regular cleaning is very necessary for schools as they can easily be overrun by bacteria and illness in the lack of proper cleaning and disinfecting procedure.

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Here are some essential tips for maintaining proper hygiene on your school premises, follow these steps to keep your school clean, disinfected and sanitized.

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What’s the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing?

1. Cleaning: It removes germs, dirt, and impurities from the object’s surface. This process doesn’t kill germs though removing them lowers the number and the risk of spreading infections.

2. Sanitizing: This process makes the surface sanitary or free of visible dirt contaminants that could affect your health. Sanitizing is meant to reduce, not kill, the occurrence and growth of bacteria, viruses or fungi.

3. Disinfecting: The procedure includes chemical usage for killing germs on the surface of an object. This process generally comes into picture after cleaning and sanitizing the particular object, surface or area.

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How children and staff can make a difference

Make your students and staff aware of the endless benefits of a clean environment and encourage them to be a helping hand in cleaning procedure. Guide them to dust their desk every day with microfiber or damp cloth especially after lunch. Other classroom and school premises rules should include the following:

  • Pick and throw away any litter
  • Wipe the whiteboard after school
  • Do not write on table and chairs
  • Flush after using the toilet
  • Make sure there’s no toilet paper in washroom floor
  • Wash hands properly after using the toilet and after lunchtime

First Clean Your School Premises

  • Before you start disinfecting, thorough cleaning is required to remove soils and germs without using toxins.
  • Cleaning should be focused on the surface that people come in contact with often as this is where germs thrive and spread. Light switches, door knobs, and hand railings are some of those surfaces.
  • High touch surfaces should be wiped with microfiber cloth as they are highly effective in trapping the majority of dirt and debris.
  • Custodian should focus on reducing cross-contamination. And they should wash the equipment or cloth frequently that are being used for the cleaning process.

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Hire Commercial Cleaning Services:

If you are regularly maintaining the cleanliness of your school premises, then you’ll not require janitorial services much often. But hiring a professional cleaning service once in a while for full cleaning is really beneficial. And professional janitorial services such as Evolved Building Maintenance can be the perfect solution to ensure your educational facilities cleanliness.

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