Commercial Carpet Cleaning: How Often Should You Clean?

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

As a business owner, you always want your workplace to be neat and clean in order to create a positive work environment for your employees and make good first impression on your clients. When it comes to commercial cleaning and maintenance, carpet cleaning is as important as any other facility maintenance plan.

When your carpet is clean and fresh, it will create an impression on your clients that you’re ready to welcome them and are running a productive business. So, how often should you clean your carpets? Since commercial carpets are prone to a lot of dirt and dust, they need to be cleaned at regular intervals.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

How frequently is commercial carpet cleaning needed?

There is no fixed timeline on how often you should get your commercial carpets cleaned. It solely depends on the type and size of commercial space or office you own, daily foot traffic, the location and the quality of the carpet.

For example, commercial offices with high traffic may require carpet and floor cleaning every month, while offices with lesser traffic may require it after every three to four months, depending on how often the carpets become dirty.

What is the benefit of regular commercial carpet cleaning?

The regular cleaning and maintenance of carpets will not only ensure a healthy and dust-free work environment but will also protect your carpet. Professionally cleaned carpets have more durability, which means you don’t have to spend money more often to replace old carpets with new ones.

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Best Practices for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Here are the three best practices for cleaning your commercial carpet:


Regular vacuuming is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to keep your commercial carpet clean and dust-free. However, you have to ensure that vacuuming is done the right way. Commercial locations with heavy traffic need to be vacuumed daily, and you’ll need commercial carpet cleaning services to vacuum and maintain your carpet correctly.

Spot Cleaning

Individual stains look bad, and they diminish the life of your carpet. They also create an eyesore which doesn’t look good when you want to make a good first impression on your clients. Such stains can be cleaned through spot cleaning. Consider hiring a commercial carpet cleaning service to get rid of those hard to treat stains.

Preventative Cleaning

Preventive cleaning is the best way to keep your commercial carpet looking good and fresh. It not only removes dirt and dust from your carpet but also enhances its life. Hire a commercial cleaning or office cleaning service that provides a preventative cleaning program in which your carpet will be cleaned by professionals on a regular schedule.

Commercial carpet cleaning will keep your carpet clean, fresh, and in good shape for years to come!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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