Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Necessary for Commercial Offices

Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Necessary for Commercial Offices

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is one of the greatest environmental threats in the US. Therefore, it is essential to make sure you are providing an improved indoor air quality to your employees. Toxins, dust, debris, chemicals, and other allergens may enter your office through air ducts. Air duct cleaning is required to remove the dust and other toxins from your air ducts that pile up inside over time. Hiring a commercial cleaning company for air ducts cleaning will help you provide a healthy working environment for your employees.

Health Consequences of Dirty Air Ducts

While a contaminated HVAC system doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy air, the situation may lead to bigger health issues that could cause grave problems for:

  • People with respiratory health conditions
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Certain environmental allergies

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Benefits of Clean Air Ducts in Commercial Offices

The air ducts of your commercial building can be one of the most unhygienic parts of your entire building architecture. Since your office staff and customers spend a significant amount of their time every day inside your commercial building, the quality of your indoor air is essential. Cleaner air ducts can prove to be extremely beneficial and productive for any line of business by means of:

  • Healthy workforce
  • Reduced sick leave
  • Better customer health
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Low health costs
  • Maximized profits
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Improved lifespan of your commercial HVAC equipment

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Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Important for Commercial Offices

Here is a list of some major advantages that justify the need for air duct cleaning in commercial offices:

Cleaner HVAC system

Your HVAC systems pile up a lot of filth over the course of time. While this filth not only obstructs the air duct, but also contaminates the indoor environment of the commercial building. So much filth gets circulated along with the air and is inhaled by all the workers. Therefore, cleansing of the HVAC system is very important.

Professionally trained HVAC cleaning crew uses the latest equipment and techniques to inspect and clean your commercial air duct system. Choose an appropriate commercial air duct cleaning service and then you can be sure that your commercial premise is not harboring any unwanted filth in the duct.

Prevention of Health Ailments

When the air ducts become dirty with everyday wear and tear, they also tend to accumulate such toxic substances that can cause severe health issues to you and your employees. The filthy or unclean air ducts can also stimulate mold growth which deems the environment unfit. Furthermore, dirty air ducts can also cause health issues like rashes, skin irritation, respiratory problems like asthma, and some other known serious ailments.

As employees are your vital resources, their health is very important and you would not wish to compromise on their health. Avail a professional air duct cleaning service for your commercial space that benefits you and your employees’ health as well.

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Improves the Efficiency of Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Any unwanted substance present in the heating and cooling system forces it to work harder and reduces the life of your system. Proper maintenance and routine cleaning of an HVAC system increase the efficiency of the heating and cooling appliances. Thus, it is less challenging for a clean HVAC system to maintain the desired indoor temperature. Moreover, a proper commercial air duct cleaning increases the life of the HVAC system and heating/cooling appliances.

Reduces Your Electricity Bill

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25 to 40 percent of the energy used for heating or cooling is lost. Dirty air ducts have severe blockages which prevent the uninterrupted air flow inside. Due to the constricted air flow, the thermal-regulator appliances start to consume more energy by working abnormally. This not only leads to excessive energy consumption but also increases the electricity bill. Ultimately, less energy consumption leads to improved cost-effectiveness.

Things to Consider before Selecting Air Duct Cleaning Services

When choosing an air duct cleaning service provider, you should consider the following things to make sure you are selecting the right one for your business:

  • Ask the cleaning service provider whether they have a relevant state license or not.
  • Check their years of experience in duct cleaning and the procedures they use.
  • Be aware of the duct cleaners who claim they are EPA certified (EPA does not certify or approve)
  • Check references or reviews to ensure they provide satisfactory service.
  • Make sure they provide a written agreement mentioning the total cost and scope of the work.

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Selecting a trusted air duct cleaning company that uses a safe and effective cleaning process and provides 100% customer satisfaction gives you the peace of mind in improving indoor air quality at your workplace.

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