An Office Cleaning Checklist Before and After the Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving Cleaning Checklist

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Are your prepared to enjoy the joyful, yet hectic time of the year? If you are planning a Thanksgiving party at your office, you must be worried about how to keep your office looking great during and after the party. A little preparation and a checklist will make the task easier for you and your office cleaning company.

Here is the checklist you should follow to make Thanksgiving cleaning easier:

Before the Thanksgiving Party Checklist

  • Make sure serving dishes, tablecloths, cloth napkins, and placements are clean. You may need to get them washed if they are dirty and not used in a while.
  • Clean the fridge and organize it so that there is plenty of space to store the Thanksgiving food or leftovers.
  • Dust and vacuum high traffic spaces, such as conference room, kitchen, or workspace.
  • Restrooms should be cleaned and stock them with tissues, hand soap, toilet paper, and hand towels.
  • Window cleaning should be a part of the Thanksgiving cleaning to ensure shining and streak-free glass.

During the Thanksgiving Party Checklist

  • Ask everyone to dispose of trash such as used coffee cups or paper plates in dustbins or trash bags.
  • Ensure everyone maintains restroom cleanliness and follows all the guidelines to keep restrooms clean and germ-free.
  • Make sure everyone scrapes out food chunks and throws them in the dustbin before disposing of dishes in the kitchen sink.

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After the Thanksgiving Party Checklist

  • Remove all the party leftovers from your desks.
  • Use a cleaning solution to wipe out stains and spills on tables or any other surface.
  • Pack leftovers into food-storage containers to take them home.
  • Clean the fridge by disposing of unclaimed and unwanted food.
  • Make sure that the garbage bins are cleaned properly.
  • Deep cleaning is required.
  • Make carpet cleaning a priority to ensure your carpets look their best after heavy foot traffic.

Follow these checklists before handing over the Thanksgiving cleaning task to your office cleaning company.

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