Spring Cleaning Checklist for Offices and Commercial Buildings

Spring Cleaning Checklist

With winter on the verge of departure and the weather getting warmer, it’s spring knocking your doors! It’s that time of the year again when you have to think of office cleaning. Whether you do it for health and hygiene or a refreshing experience, cleaning your office and commercial building can be a tedious task if you don’t prepare an office spring cleaning checklist.

Complete Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Commercial Properties

If you don’t have one, don’t worry. We have created a complete spring cleaning checklist for your office and commercial building that’ll give you a clean and fresh workspace this spring season:

  1. Start with Your Workstation

    The office cleaning checklist starts with your own workstation first. Throw away all the old and useless papers and stationery items which are of no use now. Motivate your colleagues to clean and organize their workstation.

  2. Clean Your Furniture

    Whether it is your workstation desk or chair, get them cleaned.

  3. Organize Your Files and Documents

    All your important files and documents need a proper place in or around your workstation. Use cabinets or drawers for the same.

  4. Floor Needs Cleaning

    The floors need to be cleaned too. It is advisable to hire a professional cleaning team to mop, vacuum, disinfect, or wax your office floors. Proper carpet cleaning is a must if you have a carpet in your office.

  5. Fridge, Microwave, and Coffee Machine Clean-up

    Who doesn’t want to eat or drink healthy? Your office’s fridge, microwave, and the coffee machine need regular cleaning as they are frequently used.

  6. Focus on Cleaning Social Areas

    Your office conference rooms, reception, kitchen, smoking, or eating areas need thorough cleaning. You would always want your office to look clean before the next client meeting.

  7. Window Cleaning

    Your office or commercial building windows need proper cleaning. It is advisable to hire a professional company offering commercial cleaning services for window cleaning.

  8. Go Green!

    A green office offers a healthy and happier environment. Even indoor plants at your office need maintenance in this season.

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Spring cleaning checklist

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