An Overview of Soft Wash and High Pressure Washing

An Overview of Soft Wash and High Pressure Washing

Cleaning is necessary for every sort of property as it helps reduce germ levels and maintain hygiene which is very important to keep up your mental and physical health. While cleaning the interior of your property is critical, it’s also important to keep the exterior clean.

With new technological advancements, there are different types of methods, products, and equipment available. High-pressure washing and soft washing are the common methods preferred by most property owners for cleaning their property.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of soft wash and high-pressure washing and how they work:

High-Pressure Washing Service

It’s natural for your property to look shabby and worn out after a certain period of time because of dust and dirt buildup. Power washing or high-pressure washing is the best way to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from the building’s surface.

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Benefits of High-Pressure Washing

There are many advantages of high-pressure washing. Here are some of them:

1. Easy to Use

For places that are hard to reach or areas where dirt buildup is so heavy that scrubbing won’t work, high-pressure washing is the best option. Pressure washers are very useful for reaching those areas and clean heavy buildup grime and dirt easily.

2. Environment-Friendly

Another benefit of high-pressure washing is you can avoid using harsh chemicals, making it an environmentally friendly option.

3. Brings Back Sparkle

The best way to ensure your building sparkles is to hire a professional high-pressure washing service.

4. Better at Cleaning

Pressure washing provides better cleaning than scrubs and garden hoses. What you can achieve in a day’s worth of work, pressure washers can do in a few minutes.

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Soft Washing

In this procedure, low-pressure nozzles are used at the end of a pressure washing gun and combined with a biodegradable chemical to remove biological elements without damaging the surface of your house or killing your plants. It’s a popular power washing practice and is often used to clean delicate surfaces that might get damaged with high-pressure washers.

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How Does Soft Washing Work

Detergents and solutions are used in this procedure to break down caked on dirt and dust on surfaces. Rather than forcing pressurized water onto the surface, the solution settles and slowly eats away the grime. This makes the process much more suitable for residential properties.

Benefits of Soft Washing

Soft washing is a biodegradable option that will not only help to get rid of the dirt and dust but would also enhance the aesthetics of your house. Here are some important reasons why you should consider soft washing:

1. Increases Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

Soft washing your roof, siding, and decks is a biodegradable treatment that ensures bacteria, algae, and other such organisms are completely killed. This way, ugly stains will be removed, enhancing the aesthetics of your house.

2. Energy Savings

The heavy buildup of grime and dirt are not only ugly but they even increase your energy consumption in summertime resulting in increased electricity bills. Soft washing the exterior reduces the cooling costs during summers which result in energy savings.

3. Increases Durability

Soft wash helps in maintaining the proper cleanliness of your house. It removes bacteria, algae, moss and other such elements that lead to degradation. This helps in extending the expected life expectancy of your house.

There are not many differences between these cleaning methods but each of them has its specific purpose. Pressure washing is best utilized on flat surfaces like brick or concrete and on commercial structure’s facades or sandstones. Whereas soft wash is mostly preferred on home sidings and any surface that is composed of vinyl, painted wood or aluminum.

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Both washes can be done in a home but hiring a professional and licensed cleaning company is a better option as they will have experience and better equipment.

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