5 Easy Cleaning Tips to Get Your Office Ready for the Holidays

Holiday season

With the holiday season just around the corner, is your office ready and clean for the party? Whether you are organizing a party for your employees or an event for your clients, getting your office cleaned before the event will help you create a great impression on your clients and will also make your employees feel valued.

Follow these cleaning tips to make your office ready for the holiday season:

Focus on High Traffic Areas

Your priority should be cleaning the high traffic areas your employees or clients are likely to be using during the party. Mop hard floors and tiled areas, vacuum carpets, and sanitize all surfaces of common areas. Place dustbins or trash bags in every room so that used paper cups or plates can be easily disposed of.

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Clean Kitchen and Dining Space

Employees or guests are likely to gather around the dining space or kitchen. Clean the kitchen counters and appliances properly. Use disinfectant wipes to clean tables, chairs, and shelves in the kitchen or dining room. Use disposable tablecloths that you can throw away after the party. Place mats to protect carpets from spills and stains.

Fridge Clean-Up Is Required

Clean the fridge and make sure there is enough space to store the party food or leftovers. Ask your employees to take their leftovers with them. Throw away any unclaimed or unwanted food at the end of the week to avoid the smell of rotten food.

Emphasize on Restroom Cleanliness

Wipe down the counters and sinks. Scrub the toilet and shower. Disinfect or sanitize doors or any other touch points. Put fresh hand towels, restock toilet paper and tissues, and refill soap dispensers. Put signs showing basic hygiene tips to ensure restroom cleanliness.

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Deep Cleaning Is Needed

Deep cleaning of your office is essential to ensure a clean and healthy environment during the holiday party. Deep cleaning that goes beyond the basic mopping, vacuuming, and surface cleaning helps in reducing the presence of bacteria and allergens.

An office cleaning company can help you accomplish your holiday cleaning goal without much effort.

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning company that specializes in holiday cleaning, contact us to get a free quote on janitorial services. We will help you get ready for the holiday season!

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