4 Ways Dirty Floors Could Be Affecting Your Business

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A clean workplace is a top priority for everyone. However, during cleaning, not everyone gives as much importance to the floors as they give to the other parts of the room. When not cleaned regularly and effectively, your office floor, especially areas like your restroom (that attracts higher foot traffic), allows for the accumulation of stains, dirt, and debris over time.

It provides a conducive environment to the germs and bacteria to grow and multiply. Left untackled, this could create serious repercussions for your business. According to an infographic by the ISSA, businesses around the world have to carry a burden of $225 billion because of employee sickness issues. As you read this blog, you will know how dirty floors at your workplace can hamper your business.

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4 Ways How Dirty Floors Could Be Hampering Your Business

1. Decreased Overall Productivity

Unclean office floors and sick leaves go hand in hand. Dirty floors provide disease-causing agents like germs and bacteria a conducive environment to the harbor and grow. These germs and bacteria mix with air and are inhaled by employees, causing problems like dry eyes and throat, itchiness, lethargy, headaches, and chest tightness. Also, exposure to dust affects the workers’ cognitive skills, like arithmetic, logical, and creative thinking. As a result, the number of unplanned sick leaves increases.

According to the ISSA infographic, sickness and unplanned absence of workers cause a 54% decrease in productivity and output. This problem can be easily dealt with a professional floor cleaning service.

2. Lost Savings on Headcounts

The ISSA infographic notes that regular cleaning in your office improves productivity gain by 2-8%. It estimates that in an office of 100 associates, with an average annual salary of $25,000, the productivity gain of 2-8% equates to about $125,000 in savings. Oppositely, this is the figure of the estimated loss of productivity for workplaces that are untidy and unclean. That’s a significant amount given a medium-sized office setup.

3. Drop in Customer Service and Sales

Unclean office environment also directly affects customer service and sales. By estimates, unplanned absences of employees cause poor customer service and a 39% drop in sales. This is worth considering especially for businesses that deal with their clients on a face-to-face basis.

4. Increased Expenses on Asset Repair

Dirty floors have a shorter lifespan. Regardless of what type of flooring you have; carpet, VCT, vinyl, linoleum, epoxy, or acrylic, they can’t stand the corrosion made by acid or chemical (contained in dirt and debris) for long. Such wear downs will cost you significantly on the repair expenses which you could have avoided should you had taken commercial floor cleaning service seriously.

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The Solution

The best way to ensure that your workplace’s floors are always dirt-free is to hire a professional janitorial service who will provide cleaning services on a regular basis. We’re a team of certified and highly-skilled professionals in commercial cleaning services. Give us a call at (949) 556-8896, or get a free quote.

Floor Cleaning Service

Infographic by the ISSA:

Infographic by the ISSA

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