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Green Cleaners

“Go Green” is a broad philosophy that’s deeply rooted in the concept of environmental conservation and improvement. In recent years, this concept has certainly made a mark, but its consequences have revealed a darker side of it. The myths revolving around it have made it really difficult for the average consumers to discern between facts and fiction. This also applies to the green cleaning industry.

Here’s a list of commonly held misconceptions and facts related to green cleaning:

Myth 1: All Green Cleaners Are Better for You and Environment

Fact: It’s not necessarily true, because there’s very little regulation by the federal government on the use of word “green” or “organic”. As a result, many manufacturers may use these words as a selling point for their product. While green cleaners may contain some greener ingredients, they may still contain toxic agents for the environment. Without any regulation, companies can make false claims that are vague and unsubstantiated. Select products carefully.

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Myth 2: Green Cleaners Don’t Work like Traditional Ones

Fact: Experts say that most of the green cleaning products work just as well as conventional cleaners. It’s because there are some set standards for these green products which they must meet in order to be certified. The most common ingredients used in green sanitizers are hydrogen peroxide, citric and lactic acid which is considered the safest antimicrobials.

Myth 3: Green Cleaning Requires Much More Time

Fact: It’s a misconception that when a product doesn’t contain toxic ingredients, you need to wipe and scrub more for hours to clean that specific surface. Even with DIY cleaning formulas, you can get rid of the stains and dirt without much effort.

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Myth 4: Green Cleaning Is Very Expensive

Fact: This is a myth because the cost of green cleaners varies from product to product. In some cases, it can be less expensive to use green cleaning methods. While it may look like you’re spending more, you are actually purchasing fewer but more concentrated cleaning products.

It’s essential to know the facts about green cleaning so you can debunk the myths revolving around it!

Green Cleaners

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