A Simple Cleaning Checklist for Your Dental Office

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Your patients not only trust you because of your great dental service, the best possible care, and helpful staff, but they also notice how clean your dental office is. So, it is essential to keep your dental office more hygienic and well-maintained. It must be cleaned effectively to create a great impression on your patients.

Follow this simple cleaning checklist to clean your dental office:


Your patients expect clean floors. The floors of dental offices must be cleaned regularly. There has to be a plan for cleaning your floors in advance. Floor cleaning should include the following:

  • If any spills happen, it should be immediately wiped up.

  • Only EPA registered hospital detergent or disinfectant should be used for cleaning.

  • Hallway floors should be swept, mopped and vacuumed.

  • Apart from sweeping and mopping, bathroom floors should be disinfected.

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Patient and Reception Area

Clean patient and reception area convey the message that you are committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for your patients. Your reception area is noticed by any visitor who pays a visit for any purpose to your dental clinic. If you maintain your reception area well enough to create a first great impression, it will work wonders for your dental clinic. Ensure the following:

  • Patient and reception area of your dental clinic should be intensively cleaned every night.

  • Use proper disinfectants for sanitation and if possible, use green chemicals as they do not have any side effects.

  • Glass windows, doors, entryways should be polished inside and out.

  • Furniture, shelves, blinds, and counters should be dusted.

  • Equipment and exam chairs should be wiped clean for each new patient.

  • All touch points should be wiped clean and disinfected.

Carpets and Hard Floors

It is very important to clean the hard floors and carpets of the dental clinic properly. Vacuuming and mopping has been a conventional cleaning measure. If you hire a professional commercial cleaner, you will definitely get better quality cleaning services as they have the most sophisticated tools for cleaning available. Your cleaning checklist includes:

  • Hallway carpets should be swept, mopped and vacuumed.

  • Tile, hardwood and ceramic floors should be cleaned and polished.

  • Carpets should be deep cleaned with stem equipment.

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Majority of the patients prefer a neat and clean looking restroom as they don’t like messy and unorganized restrooms. This could be a major reason why people skip visiting a dental clinic. Hiring a professional dental office cleaner is essential to maintaining a clean restroom. A restroom cleaning checklist should include:

  • Door knobs and switches should be cleaned and disinfected.

  • Sinks, urinals and toilets should be cleaned and sanitized.

  • Check the area under toilets and sinks for leaks.

  • Mirrors and windows of the restroom should be polished.

Keep these things in mind to create a healthy and caring atmosphere for your patients and give them a reason to smile.

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